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Creative Precision specializes in the manufacturing of complex high technology components and assemblies used for critical applications in the following industries:

AerospaceElectron Beam
MilitaryIon Beam
Space SystemsSemiconductor
MedicalLaser/Fiber optics
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For over forty years Creative Precision has been a leading national supplier of precision discrete components and assemblies to the Aerospace, Military, Electron Beam and Medical Industries. Companies such as Boeing, General Electric, Honeywell, and many others depend upon our abilities to achieve critical finishes, tolerances and geometry. Our quality system meets registrar certified AS-9100C and SAE AS-9100C standards and assures that we will consistently meet or exceed your demanding requirements.

Our innovative technology and experienced work force permit us to tackle the tough jobs, which are beyond the capabilities of others, while meeting aggressive delivery schedules. We routinely achieve 4 to 8 um finishes, and 50 millionths tolerances with our grinding and jig grinding capabilities. In addition, our micro hole drilling department can drill holes down to .001" diameter for your medical, laser and fiber optic components.

We also are experienced at working with difficult to machine materials such as:
Titanium Nickel, Cobalt
Cobalt Alloys Haynes Alloys Tungsten Hastelloy Beryllium Copper
Torlon UHMW Vespel Kovar/Invar Hi-Perm
JobBoss, our advanced manufacturing software system tracks each job from order entry to delivery to ensure your schedules are met. Precision machining and dependable on-time delivery create benefits for the customer which are unsurpassed.
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